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Congratulations to the Traprock Group and the Beef Co-Op in achieving funding under the Farming Together Program. 

Understanding available innovation and its effect on your business is an essential to future profitability ......

“Holism puts the study of wholes before that of the parts. It does not try to break down organizations into parts in order to understand them and intervene in them. It concentrates its attention instead at the organizational level and on ensuring that the parts are functioning and are related properly together so that they serve the purposes of the whole (Jackson 2007)”. 

Agricultural Innovation generally refers to changing or creating more effective processes, products and ideas, and can increase the likelihood of a business succeeding. Businesses that innovate create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance.  For farm businesses, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating new business opportunities or just doing what you do better. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you adapt and grow your farming system or value chain.


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Developing individual models to assist strategic, tactical, operational, social and market performance ......

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We assist agribusinesses to implement family board structures, engaging generations and their passion for our industry ......


“ In 2016, whilst studying at University of Southern Queensland doing my Masters in Agriculture, one of the subjects AGB8002 Adapting Technology in Agriculture I had the rare pleasure of a lecturer - Roderick Glass. In the 9 years of doing both my bachelor's degree and masters was by far the most engaging academic. He has the uncanny ability to ask of you ,not one but multiple questions which lead to an amazing path of discovery with this subject. Roderick not only brought out the best in me but opened doors to possibilities that was outside of my current ways of thinking and beliefs - Peter Eriksen”

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Agribusiness chains are consolidating - We provide a range of programs to develop chain performance .......

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